Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic in radiology right now, and the ESR and ESOR are excited to announce their first event on Artificial Intelligence, in Barcelona, Spain, on April 5–6, 2019, entitled

‘Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging.
The Perfect Vision of AI
An ESR Premium Event brought to you by ESOR’

and broadcast live from Barcelona!

Watch some of the leading AI experts discussing the basic technical principles of AI and how they are applied to diagnostic imaging and clinical applications by participating virtually in this ESR Premium Event. It is FREE of charge!

Don’t miss the keynote lecture on ‘AI and Radiology’ by Prof. Toby Walsh from Sydney/Australia, the panel discussion on ‘the future of radiology and radiologists’, and the AI companies’ space session!

Have a look at the full programme and find further information on the event website.


The registration for the event is already closed


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